On Saturday, August 11th the Punchline in Atlanta hosted auditions and call backs for NBC's Stand Up for Diversity showcase. Comics from all over the country were wrapped around the building and began lining up as early as 11pm the night before as NBC was only going to see the first 100 people.

Joining Jessica in the massive line outside the Punchline were fellow comics (also based out of Nashville) Derek Dawson and Thomas Prunier.  The line was grueling, and tiring as Derek, Thomas, and Jessica took shifts to drive up to the club and check on the length of the line. At the end of the day, only 10 comics were chosen to participate in the showcase the following evening. 

After making it through the first few rounds, Jessica was chosen to be on the final showcase. She performed with some amazing comics on Sunday evening, and is feeling blessed to have shared the stage with such great talent. 

There is still one more round to go, and a final showcase in Los Angeles. Jessica is hoping to progess and make that big jump to the LA showcase! She wants to thank her friends and family for showing her such awesome support since she began her comedy journey. 

For more information about Stand Up for Diversity, check out their website at

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Hello! Welcome to all my visitors who love to laugh! This site is dedicated to native Nashville comedienne Jessica Carter. Thanks for visiting and be sure to check Jessica out in the Nashville area and on the road!  

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